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Welcome to Synergy EAP Solutions
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential, free assistance to you and your family members to help resolve problems that affect your personal life and/or your job performance.           We all have times when we worry about our work, family or personal life. We all experience problems, and often we can solve them on our own. Sometimes, though, the problem is too big, or too stressful, to deal with on our own, and that is where the EAP comes in.           You can contact the EAP and speak with one of our counselors. You can make an appointment to come in and see someone at one of our convenient locations. In times of crisis, you may reach a counselor by telephone, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There is no cost to you or your family for any EAP services, so do not hesitate to call when you need help.            Your EAP can help you find solutions to family problems, stress at work or at home— any kind of personal problem.            
                                      Toll Free 1-800-226-7930                                         synergy@synergyeap.org